About Us

Since 2007, Intergest Malaysia has been the one-stop provider of solutions for registering Malaysia Companies, including branch and representative offices, as well as accounting, taxation, and related corporate services.

One of our strengths is our practical approach to finding ideal solutions to complex situations, and assisting our clients through the application of our technical know-how and our wealth of experience.

Intergest Malaysia Pte. Ltd. is a Malaysia-based firm that provides professional incorporation, accounting, tax and immigration services. Our head office is conveniently located on 42 Emerald Hill Road (Orchard area), the heart of Malaysia.

You can find us as well in Europe. We are represent in Switzerland. Short ways to meet each other.

When it comes to choosing the right corporate services provider, you deserve a company that offers a tailored, cost-effective and friendly service with a reputation for delivering exceptional results.


Outstanding Value, Transparent Prices

Our pricing is highly-competitive and our team is committed to providing you quality and timely service. We spell out all costs, and how quickly we can process your request, so you know exactly what you’re getting and when.

Expert, Friendly Support

Our phones are answered during business hours by specialists and not by an answering machine. We appreciate your time and understand that a person cannot be replaced by technology. This is especially true when it comes to making important business decisions.

Fast Incorporation

We have incorporated thousands of companies to date and can help make the incorporation process fast and painless for you.

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